Toddler Drop-In Program

With the current government restrictions in place, we must delay the start of our Toddler Programs at this time.  HIES looks forward to when we can bring the youngest members of the community and their parents together for some play, exploration and fun times, but for now, we must put safety first.

Toddler Drop-In Program is for children up to 30 months and their parents. It operates September through May on Tuesdays 9am to noon in the Room To Grow on the school grounds. One paid staff person oversees the program.

Contact Jade Wilson at

Starting January 2021, HIES plans to offer a Parent and Baby group (age 0-9 months) and a Parent and Toddler group (age 9 months – 30 months).  The Baby group will take place in The Room to Grow, located on the Community School grounds, and the Parent and Toddler group will be offered as an outdoor program.

Please sign up by calling (250) 335-1085 or emailing

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toddler drop in

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