Natural History Centre

The Natural History Centre offers events, programs, and a natural history collection to encourage a bond between humans and nature. Our programs provide community members and visitors opportunities for cultivating deeper relationships with the natural world. The Centre is overseen by volunteer stewards, several of whom are previous employees of the HI Community School. The stewards set direction and policy for all development and maintenance of the collection, displays, and programming. Stewards also participate in the Hornby School’s Community Programming by creating and presenting students with opportunities to connect aspects of  natural history to school themes. Learn more at Hornby Island Natural History Centre.

The Natural History Centre was located at the Hornby Island Community School before the school burned down in August 2018. We are taking good care of all the contents of our little museum, stored in two metal containers on school property. A portable air conditioner installed by our great volunteers now maintains ideal temperature & humidity levels for the birds. Our programs and events have been put on hold due to covid-19.

Plans are underway to reopen the Natural History Centre in a new location, at the corner of Sollans and Central Rd., on the school grounds. We are looking forward to move into the building in 2022 and make the collection available to the public once again. We also have plans to hold a safe outdoor summer program in summer 2021.

If you’d like to support us, we are grateful for all donations. You can also purchase Stevi designed tote bags available at Fibers, Beulah Creek Nursery, and Savoie Studio, or wildlife cards by barb biagi at the Co-op or Beulah Creek.


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