The Hornby Island Educational Society (HIES) is a non-profit organization with charitable tax status whose mission is to further education and build community capacity on Hornby Island by developing, providing, and/or facilitating programs, services and activities through advocacy, coordination and collaboration. Hornby Island is a remote rural northern Gulf Island in British Columbia.

The Society was created in 1980 to oversee the construction of the community built Room to Grow building to accommodate island students until an addition to the school was built. The Society has since developed into a dynamic community organization that operates a variety of programs for individuals and families across the life span. The Society also works collaboratively with other community organizations such as the Hornby Island Community School and the Hornby & Denman Community Health Care Society as needed.

The Society responds to the direction of the community. Under our Community Programs, we initiate, facilitate, coordinate and sustain programs in a variety of areas that meet a broad range of community needs. The society provides the platform for the Natural History Centre, The Community Kitchen / Food Bank,  Child, Youth & Community Programs and Life Long Learning.

The primary mandate of HIES is to provide accessible services and programs for all island residents who wish to participate. Funding for the various programs, projects and services comes from a variety of sources including user fees, fundraising and donations. The Ministry of Education – SD71, the Ministry of Children & Family Development, Decoda Literacy Solutions, BC Recreation & Parks, Food Banks BC, the Gaming Commission, the Oasis Foundation, the Hornby Island Community Fund, the Comox Valley Community Foundation, Union Bay Credit Union, Comox Valley Regional District and the United Way have all provided funding, at one time or another, for specific programs or projects. Only with the generous support of these agencies and organizations are we able to provide services to address the needs in our community.

Our Vision
A healthy, vibrant, inclusive community on Hornby Island,
that includes supported and coordinated lifelong learning.

Current  HIES Board Members

  • President: Vacant, covered by Vice President
  • Vice President: Verlie Gilligan
  • Treasurer: Mark Jones
  • Secretary: Nadeane Trowse
  • Director: Braea Walmsley
  • Director: Martha Gerow
  • Director: Phoebe Long
  • Director: Tina Wai


  • SD 71 administrative representative from Hornby Island Community School: Judith Ayers
  • CUPE representative from Hornby Island Community School: Florette MacLean
  • CDTA representative: Britt Hanson


Hornby Island Educational Society
2100 B Sollans Road
Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0

Community Programs

Room to Grow Bookings

The Kitchen
Phoebe Long: 250 335-0791
Email: kitchenhies@gmail.com

Hornby Island Natural History Centre
Sarat Colling: hornby.naturalhistory@gmail.com

Life Long Learning

Learn More:
Partners and Funders

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