hies logo 2The Hornby Island Educational Society (HIES) is a non-profit organization with charitable tax status whose current mandate is to support life-long learning for all community members and encourage individual and community capacity building.

The Society was created in 1980 to oversee the building of Room to Grow and has since developed into the organization that operates a variety of youth and community programs in partnership with the Hornby Island Community School and Hornby/Denman Community Healthcare Society.

The Board responds to the direction of the community and under its Community Programs aspect, initiates, facilitates, coordinates and sustains programs in a variety of areas that meet a broad range of community needs.

The Board’s main tasks are to oversee the Youth and Community Programs and manage the Room to Grow building, which it owns. HIES manages the Hornby Island Community Fund, the Bruce Fairbairn Memorial Bursary, the Hornby Island Memorial Scholarship, and partners with the Denman Community School and Denman Church to manage the Denman Island United Church Memorial Fund.

Our programs include:
Youth – Afterschool Programs, Boys Group, Girls Group, School Curriculum Enhancement, Teen Night, and Toddler Drop In.
Community – Resource/Information Centre at Room to Grow, Natural History Exhibit, School Gym Bookings (currently unavailable), Adult Education Support, Bursaries, and the Hornby Island Community Fund.

Since the primary mandate of HIES is to provide services and programs that are accessible to all who wish to participate, subsidies are available to all who request them. Funding for the various programs and services comes from user fees, fundraising, donations, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Children and Family Development, Hornby Island Recreation tax dollars and the Gaming Commission. Other program and/or project specific grants are obtained whenever possible.

Our Vision
A healthy, vibrant, inclusive community on Hornby Island, that includes supported and coordinated lifelong learning.

Our Mission
To further education and community capacity on Hornby Island by developing, providing, and/or facilitating programs, services and activities through advocacy, coordination and collaboration.

Current  HIES Board Members

  • President: Joy Jeffries
  • Vice President: Currently Vacant
  • Treasurer: Mark Jones
  • Secretary: Bill Hamilton
  • Director: Braea Walmsley
  • Director: Susan Crowe


  • SD 71 administrative representative from Hornby Island Community School: Alissa Pratt, Vice Principal
  • CUPE representative from Hornby Island Community School: Florette MacLean, Librarian


Hornby Island Educational Society
2100 Sollans Road
Hornby Island, BC V0R 1Z0

Community Programs
Petra Chambers-Sinclair: hies.communityschool@gmail.com

Room to Grow Bookings
Joy Jeffries: bookingroomtogrow@gmail.com

The Kitchen
Susan Crowe: 250 335 1629

Hornby Island Natural History Centre
Sarat Colling: hornby.naturalhistory@gmail.com

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