The Kitchen

Previously known as The HOPE Kitchen – Hornby’s Opportunity for People to Eat. The intent of the program is to feed those folks who may need some support around healthy eating and to provide an opportunity for all Hornby Islanders to come together to share food, build connections between all ages and socio-economic groups, and to celebrate community. The Kitchen, housed in the clubhouse at the Joe King ballpark is open Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 12:30 to 1:30pm for lunch from mid-October to mid-June, with tasty, nutritious meals prepared and served by cooks and volunteers with Food safe training. The program is currently financed by donations from the community of both food and money, HIES and the BC Gaming Commission.

The Kitchen began in the early nineties to provide muffins and hot lunch for children in the Hornby Island Community School. Over the years it has evolved in accordance with demonstrated community food security needs. The Kitchen operates October through June serving meals two or three times each week.

  • Serves Healthy food to community members. Meals are free or at nominal cost. People donate what they can or volunteer in many ways
  • Collects and redistributes donated food, food bank pickups, and bulk orders.
  • Educates about health, food security and social issues.
  • Helps break the isolation of many people – singles, seniors, and single parents, people with chronic illness, disabilities or mental health issues.
  • Offers opportunities for anyone to become involved, try new things, find their niche, and make a contribution.
  • Welcomes new comers to the island.
  • Delivers nourishing meals to shut-ins.
  • Connects employers and people looking for work and helps send people off to work well fed.

Hornby Food Bank    ~ Bounty To Share ~

The Food Bank operates on Fridays during July, August and September from 10 to 12 noon. For seventeen years the Hornby Island Coop has been a generous donor to both The Kitchen and Food Bank.

Please remember to share any extra food and treats that you may find in your cupboards over the holiday season. Call Susan at 250 335 1629 to arrange pick up or drop off. To all of you who donate on a regular basis, please accept our heartfelt appreciation from all of us at The Kitchen and HIES.