The Bruce Fairbairn Memorial Bursary

The Bruce Fairbairn Memorial Bursary was established in 1999, in the memory of Bruce Fairbairn honoring the encouragement and support that Bruce gave to Hornby musicians.  The intent of the bursary is to help aid Hornby students of any age in their pursuit of post-secondary education at an accredited BC institution. Preference is given to students studying music or fine arts.  The award at this time is $1000. The bursary is to help with tuition costs and payment is made directly to the institution that the student plans to attend in the upcoming academic year. 

Basic criteria for eligibility:

  • Resident of Hornby Island
  • Student must be pursuing studies at an accredited post-secondary institution, preferably in BC, beginning in September 2023.

Applications must be complete and must be received by email by 4pm July 28, 2023.

Submit applications to:  and
In fairness to all applicants, incomplete or late applications will not be considered.

Bruce Fairbairn Memorial Bursary

Application Form

The application should include the following information:

  1. A letter of Introduction

Topics to be included:

  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Outline details of your residency on Hornby Island (length and schooling)
  3. Outline your educational achievements
  4. Explain your post secondary educational plans, the institution you plan to attend and your ultimate career goals
  5. Describe your personal interests
  6. Describe your community involvement
  7. Contact Information
  • Financial Need

As accurately as you can, outline your financial need and the impact that receiving his bursary would have on you and your family.

  • Budget

You must include the following items and amounts in your anticipated budget:


a) Parents

b) Bursaries/Scholarships

c) Work

d) Loans/Savings

e) Other

Total Income for the academic year


  1. Tuition
  2. Room and Board
  3. Books and Supplies
  4. Travel
  5. Other

Total Cost for the academic year

  • Letters of Reference

You must include two letters of reference that are current within the past year.

  • Proof of Registration

You must include proof of your application/registration to the post secondary institution you are planning to attend. Once it is received, proof of acceptance must be forwarded to the Bursary Selection committee.

If you have any questions, please email April Lewis at aprilslewis42@g or Joy Jeffries at

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