Youth (Grades K-7)

AfterSchool Programs

This program provides supervised after school sports and arts activities for children in K to Grade 7, both those students enrolled in the School and those who are home schooling. This program operates in three ten week sessions throughout the 10 month school year. The Community Programs Coordinator organizes sports and arts activities for primary, intermediate and senior grades each week, recruiting local instructors, some who volunteer their time and others who are paid a small honorarium. This program is funded through user fees, the Ministry of Education and funds from the Gaming Commission.

K-7 curriculum support

This aspect of HIES has a variety of faces and the level of involvement is very broad as well. Special guests, speakers, courses may be set up in response to requests from the K-7 program and there is a close working relationship between all staff as we share the facility with the community. This program is funded by the Ministry of Education. School District 71Hornby Island Community School

Girls Group

This program offers an activity/support group for girls aged 10 to 13. The facilitators cover a range of topics from body image to peer pressure, sexual issues and safety concerns. The girls provide the lead in topics to be discussed and activities to be planned and carried out. Work in the community is carried out as well in conjunction with our local organizations.

Boys Club

This program offers an activity/support group for boys aged 11 to 13  years that runs September to June on Friday afternoons from 2:00pm to 3:30pm. The program is facilitated by a male and a female youth leader and offers fun and adventurous activities.  The intention of the group is to encourage healthy choices and support individual passions for each participant.  Like the Girls Group, this program is funded by the Ministry of Education and the BC Gaming Commission as well as fundraising by the group.

Individual tutoring

HIES supports tutors on the island by providing space for them to offer their service and can act as a link to the family as needed and when appropriate. Tutors use both the Room to Grow building and the Teen Trailer as sites for their service as the students are comfortable in both locations and both are very close to the school building. This program is funded by the Ministry of Education.

Individual support for courses

Students who need subsidy to participate in courses offered to children on the island can make the request to HIES for financial assistance. Students taking dance, fiddle, marimba and photography have all been subsidized as needed. In exchange, the instructor accepts another student with limited ability to pay when possible. This subsidy is provided from any surplus funds from user fees for the Community School programs, by donations specific to that purpose and/or by funds from the Gaming Commission.

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