Community Fund

This special fund within the Comox Valley Community Fund has been established by HIES to encourage those who care about this community to make donations, gifts, and bequests, to create an endowment fund dedicated to fulfilling Hornby community dreams. A HIES sub-committee oversees this project and meets regularly to plan activities to raise the profile of the fund and to fundraise to cover the advertising and administration costs. The capital fund is currently at $180,000 and generated over $8000 in interest last year that was distributed to community groups.

The interest is paid out annually as grants to worthwhile local organizations. A source of funds, in perpetuity, to make our community a better place! The fund is a registered charity for income tax purposes, when you donate money you will be eligible for a charitable tax deduction.

Grants are awarded through an annual application process, based on project specific information provided by the applicants. Since 2002, this chart shows the total amount of grants each organization has received:

Island Secure Housing Association (ISLA) – $9,350
Hornby Island Festival – $5,050
Hornby Island Arts Council – $4,600
Hornby Island Radio Society – $3,850
Hornby Island Athletic Association – $3,350
Hornby Island Elder Housing Society – $3,180
Natural History – $3,100
Hornby Island Clinic – $2,000
Hornby Island Recycling Committee – $ 1,450
Conservancy Hornby Island – $ 1,300
New Horizons – $1,000
Hornby Island Blues Society – $850
Island Growers – $800
First Edition – $750
Hornby Island Emergency Preparedness – $700
Hornby Island Cats Society – $650
Groundwater Institute – $500
Heron Rocks Friendship Society – $500
Economic Enhancement Corporation (HICEEC) – $500
Hornby Island Hall Committee – $500
Wild Indigo Theater – $350
Hornby Denman Health Care Society – $350

Total grants paid out, 2002 – 2012 – $44,680

Arne Olsen Fund

This is a new Fund that sits within the Hornby Island Community Fund  and was jointly created by the Hornby Island Community Fund and the Hornby Island Festival Society in honor of Arne Olsen, a very generous patron of both groups.  The interest from the Arne Olsen Fund capital will be used to support the programs offered through the Hornby Island Festival Society.

Party Rental Supplies

community_fundAfter realizing how much money was being wasted by having to rent party and event supplies from Courtenay every time a large event was held on the island, the Community Fund went out and bought a complete set of supplies needed to host an event on the island. All these supplies are now available for rent to the public and the proceeds go towards the Community Fund which sponsors community projects on Hornby.

Item & Rental Rate 

Dinner Plates: $6 per dozen
Dessert Plates: $5 per dozen
Wine Glasses: $7 per dozen
Glasses: $6 per dozen
Mugs: $6 per dozen
Knives: $4 per dozen
Forks: $4 per dozen
Spoons: $4 per dozen
Large Platter: $7 each
Small Platter: $5 each
Pepper & Salt Shakers (unfilled): $1 for pair
Table Cloths (white): $6 each
Tables (white): $9 each
Chairs (white folding): $1.50 each