Toddler Program

The Toddler Drop in Program is a drop in service for toddlers under 2½ yrs old and their parents. Children and their caregivers can meet in a fun, safe, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment. There is an adult coordinator present to help oversee set up, clean up and networking. The program operates 10 months of the year on Tuesdays 9am to noon in The Toddler Room at the School. The program is currently funded through donations, the Ministry of Education and funds from the BC Gaming Commission.

Parenting Support and Education

This program is offered as requested by parents throughout the School year. It is part of a community initiative to provide support to families and works in partnership with the Hornby Denman Health Care Society. The sessions offer both basic and specialized communication and parenting skills. The group also spends time each week checking in with each other to see how things are going as a parent and offer suggestions for dealing with specific situations that arise. This program offers free child care and snacks and when in operation is currently funded through the Ministry of Education and the BC Gaming Commission. 

Hot Lunch Program

This program was created in response to a request from the teaching and support staff at the school. A tasty, nutritious meal is provided to all students in the School on Mondays, prepared and served by a skilled and experienced cook. Fresh fruit and other healthy snacks are on hand for hungry students throughout the rest of the week. When in operation, this program is funded jointly by the BC Gaming Commission and the Ministry of Education.

Weekend Gym Use

The School gym is available for weekend use by families if there is enough interest. Please contact us to schedule dates and times.