Job Opportunity

The Hornby Island Educational Society (HIES) is hiring a Financial Coordinator.

HIES has restructured and the board of directors is currently seeking a Financial Coordinator to work 5-8 hours per month.

On a monthly basis the HIES Financial Coordinator will be responsible for:

  • Collecting bookkeeping spreadsheets from HIES program coordinators;
  • Conducting bank reconciliations for each program;
  • Communicating about any discrepancies;
  • Running monthly payroll though Quickbooks Online;
  • Issuing Charitable Tax Receipts;
  • Preparing basic reports for the board;
  • Maintaining necessary files; and
  • Billing each HIES program for the above services, based on time required.

On a yearly basis, the HIES Financial Coordinator will also be responsible for:

  • Liaising with the accountant who prepares the year-end financial report (fiscal year-end June 30th);
  • Ensuring that board has the information it needs for the Annual General Meeting;
  • Filing the Charitable Tax Return (before December 31st);
  • Any other necessary filings and basic administrative tasks to ensure that HIES remains in good standing as a non-profit society and charitable organization.

The HIES Financial Coordinator will report to the President of the HIES board and will be provided with a well-appointed office in Room to Grow.

Wage $30/hr

Skills and Aptitudes

The HIES Financial Coordinator:

  • has significant bookkeeping experience in the non-profit sector;
  • is extremely well-organized;
  • communicates clearly;
  • can work independently: meeting deadlines and sending reminders on time, every time;
  • has a well-honed sense of humour;
  • whole-heartedly believes in the HIES organizational mission.

Resumes accepted until November 13th, 2019 at noon at:

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