School Renewal Fund

On August 26th, 2018, our beloved Hornby Island School burned down, and we have a lot of work to do. HIES, in support of School District 71 and the Hornby Island Community, has now opened a “School Renewal Fund” for those who wish to donate to our community’s efforts.

The money raised will help cover financial gaps left after the insurance and School District apply their financial resources – we don’t know yet if the entire school has been lost, but it looks bad. Some of the monies will be used in the short-term to support educational programs and transition activities. In the longer term the fund will help support the rebuild of the school in a way that most benefits the kids and the community. The school is a major facility for our small community as well. The School District, HIES, and the Parent Advisory Council will collaborate to prioritize disbursements from the fund. We will regularly update on progress.

As HIES is a registered charity, if you send us your mailing address we will provide donation receipts for any amounts above $50. To donate please click on the button below. Alternatively you can send us a cheque made to Hornby Island Educational Society at 2100 Sollans Road, Hornby Island, V0R 1Z0, or send us an e-transfer to Hornby Island Educational Society at Thank you for your support at this challenging time – Hornby Island and the school will recover and we appreciate your financial support.

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